LeBron James’ ban from fighting game tournament draws hilarious reactions from Multiversus fans

Add being “banned to one of the most prestigious fighting game tournaments” onto LeBron James’ stacked resume. The NBA superstar was recently announced as one of the latest additions to Multiversus. Multiversus, one of the rising stars of the fighting game community, will be part of the prestigious EVO Championship Series. However, due to the recent nature of LeBron James’ inclusion, EVO organizers decided to ban him, along with other recent releases, on the tournament. While the ban makes sense from a gameplay standpoint, fans still found it funny. After all, it is bizarre to hear that an NBA superstar is banned from a video game tournament, of all places. it's kinda hilarious to see the sentence "Lebron James is banned for EVO" — Susie – Multiversus Leaks (@multiversusie) August 4, 2022 I thought you meant the irl LeBron James was banned from going to Evo, I was confused for a second — PeteSauce The AwsomeSauce (@PeteSauceToon) August 4, 2022 Some fans wondered about the possibility of LeBron James wanting to attend EVO. Would the Lakers star be banned from attending the event entirely? So is Lebron James banned at EVO just as a character or like if Lebron just wants to watch a tournament live he can't get in? — GuiNRedS – Red Star (@guinreds) August 4, 2022 OK, now I absolutely want to see the real LeBron James go to EVO, enter the MultiVersus tournament, & cause mass confusion. — George J. Horvath (@LandofObscusion) August 4, 2022 Some fans poked fun at the memes and asked the real questions. How would this ban from EVO affect LeBron’s legacy? Now this will affect LeBron's legacy — thejumpboy (@thejumpboy11) August 4, 2022 LeBron James is banned from Evo. This is why MJ is the goat. — Zach ※ (@iZarych) August 4, 2022 The good news for LeBron James mains in Multiversus is that this will likely be the only time the character will be banned from a tournament. To preserve the competitive integrity, organizers typically ban newly released characters from tournaments. This allows players to master the character and learn how to play against it. At the very least, though, we got these glorious memes from this Multiverus ban. “LeBron James gets banned from EVO” is a sentence no gamer thought they’d ever hear. Yet, here we are. What a time to live in, man. "LeBron James will not be allowed in the Evo 2022 MultiVersus Open Beta Tournament." Damn took 5 years to ban Infiltration but took one day to ban Lebron — geoff'n @ EVO (@geoffEXE) July 26, 2022 LeBron James when he tries to get into Evo to watch the Dead or Alive finals but can't get in: — Buster Corp (@BusterBluey3) August 5, 2022 Imagine in Lebron went to Evo and they just stopped him at the door — NotRealDude (@Origamiman11) August 4, 2022   The post LeBron James’ ban from fighting game tournament draws hilarious reactions from Multiversus fans appeared first on ClutchPoints.