Jeremy Lin gets brutally honest on Stephen Curry’s legendary rise with Warriors


Jeremy Lin always knew Stephen Curry would be great, but he would be lying if he says he saw the Golden State Warriors superstar reaching legendary status. Lin played with Curry during the sharpshooter’s sophomore season. The Harvard product went undrafted in 2010 before the Warriors signed him, during which he saw how Steph was poorly treated by then head coach Keith Smart. The now 33-year-old playmaker–who last played in the NBA in 2019 with the Toronto Raptors–confessed that while he felt Curry could be “great” and “really, really good” in the NBA, he didn’t expect him to build a career like he did with the Warriors. Curry basically transformed how basketball is played in the NBA and the whole world, in the process becoming the greatest shooter of all time. “I did not think he was going to be that good. But I didn’t understand why Steph was treated the way he was in that one season I was there. I felt like he was really, really good. As poorly as he was treated, he still averaged 18 or 19 points. I thought, ‘Imagine when this guy gets a couple more years of experience under his belt, and really gets the reins, the keys to the franchise, what he will be able to do,” Lin shared in an interview with Sky Sports. “So, I always knew he was going to be great. But I didn’t know he was going to be like legendary, revolutionary, transforming the entire course of basketball. I did not expect all of that.” For what it’s worth, Jeremy Lin is hardly alone in his take. Perhaps no one in the world, except Curry himself, expected Steph to become an all-time great, especially early in his career when he had to deal with various ankle injuries. Curry’s health was a major concern back then, but he was able to ease all those concerns as he grew to become a focal point of the Dubs’ offense. Steph is one of the best players to ever do it in the NBA, and whatever doubts people had about him before, he has certainly erased them all. The post Jeremy Lin gets brutally honest on Stephen Curry’s legendary rise with Warriors appeared first on ClutchPoints.